About Katelyn

Wife, Mom, MBA, Marketing Director, Pro Blogger, Writer, Storyteller, Presenter

Strategic Brand Marketer and Entrepreneur

With a decade of experience working in digital content creation, running my own lifestyle blog-based business and social media, I am well-equipped to advise and strategize on branding, digital marketing, and content.

Strong ideation, hard work ethic, friendly collaborator.

Voted the best team player in my MBA negotiation class, I am a dedicated team player, with strong ideas, strategy, and analytic views.

Katelyn Fagan

Influencer & Content Creator

I turned our family blog into a popular resource for hundreds of thousands of parents and homemakers around the world.

Born and raised in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, USA, the youngest of nine children, Katelyn became a first-generation college graduate when she earned a BA in Visual Arts, with a music minor, from Brigham Young University in Provo, UT.

After graduating, she channeled her creativity into raising her family, homeschooling, and running her own blogging-based business, while her husband pursued advanced degrees in Indiana and then Texas.

She transformed their family blog – What’s up Fagans? – into a 6-figure business in the first four years of operation by being strategic with the content she created, collaborating with amazing brands, and cultivating an engaged audience.

Katelyn and her mentor, Katie Clark, joined together to create several blogging courses and products at Best Blog Courses in order to more formally, and affordably, teach others how to be successful online as bloggers.

In 2021, with seven children in tow, including her two sets of twins, Katelyn’s family moved from New York to Utah so she could return to Brigham Young University for her Master in Business Administration (MBA).

She completed a Strategic Leadership Development Program internship at Owens Corning in Toledo, OH during her MBA, working on developing a new roofing shingle. She consulted dozens of companies throughout the program and as a member of the BYU Marketing Lab.

Post-graduation she landed a job at Zerorez, Inc. as the Marketing Director over Brand Strategy and Creative Development, where she’ll lead a team of creatives and unify the brand messaging and positioning across the company and franchisees.

Katelyn is a hard-working, collaborative, analytical, smart, and talented woman who enjoys life, laughing, and her family. She loves being outside, listening to music, doing jigsaw puzzles, listening to audiobooks, watching movies, and experiencing new things.

Portfolio Gallery

Katelyn has collaborated with many brands, and taken many photos and videos for her website and social media, including the following: